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      The Ultimate Crossbow Shooting Rest

      The Ultimate Crossbow Shooting Rest

      More gun hunters and bowhunters are turning into crossbow hunters. Crossbows are gaining in popularity because they are deadly accurate and super fast. Those two qualities are what every hunter is looking for in a weapon. The crossbow has one major problem: it can be heavy and cumbersome which makes shooting difficult at times.

      Over the last several years, many companies have come out with shooting rests that are designed to help crossbow hunters stabilize the crossbow during the shot, but the problem with many of these shooting rests is they are  bulky and difficult to transport.


      This year the Final Rest Shooting System hit the market and is possibly the best crossbow shooting rest on the market. For starters, the system is rock solid. It can easily cradle almost  any style of crossbow, making the crossbow extremely stable and very accurate.


      The Final Rest can be configured in a variety of ways, depending on the needs of the hunter. Hunters who are hunting from a homemade deer blind will like the fixed blind kit. With this option, the shooting rest base is attached to the blind and comes with a rest for the crossbow and a movable arm so the rest can be moved around in the window of the blind. A triple arm attachment is also available so the shooting rest and crossbow can be rotated between windows in a blind without having to pick up and move a tripod. Because the Final Rest Shooting System can be attached directly to a blind, a cumbersome tripod isn’t needed. The system takes up almost zero space in a blind.



      For crossbow hunters who own Redneck Hunting Blind or a similar blind, a Pillar kit is available. A single pillar attaches to the window shelf which holds the shooting rest. This style of shooting rest is extremely stable yet takes up almost no room in the blind so hunters can bring an extra hunter or extra gear with them when they hunt. A triple arm can be purchased with the Pillar system so hunters can maneuver their crossbow between multiple windows without ever pulling their crossbow out of the shooting rest.


      The Pillar system can be used with most ladder stands that have a shooting rail. Resting and shooting a crossbow from a shooting rail can be difficult. With the Pillar System, the crossbow can be sitting in the Final Rest platform and ready to shoot at all times.



      For hunters on the go, the Final Rest Shooting System can be purchased with a tripod. Hunters out west hunting in the mountains or in the hill country of Texas will be pleased to know the Final Rest Shooting System is lightweight and packable. The tripod and the shooting rest can easily fit in a backpack so hunters on the go can quickly pack and unpack the system.


      The final rest shooting system works great for crossbow hunters and gun hunters. The Final Rest can easily accommodate most guns.

      A crossbow can be a tack driving machine, but keeping the crossbow stable can be difficult. The Final Rest Shooting System solves that problem.

      The Final Rest Helped Me Hunt While Dealing With Parkinson's

      The Final Rest Helped Me Hunt While Dealing With Parkinson's

      Helping people continue to do what they love is a huge goal of ours here at Final Rest. We got the below letter from Dale whom we met at the Great American Outdoor show this year. We love hearing stories like this!


      Dear Fourth Arrow,

      My name is Dale Giraudin. I started using your products last year and it has been an absolute game changer for me.
      A little over 5 years ago I got diagnosed with Parkinson’s. However, I am determined to not let this get in the way of how I want to live my life. A very large part of my life Is hunting big game all across America. I love everything about it. I love getting to see our beautiful country and admiring God’s handy work. I love getting to meet new people through the sport I love. I love the hunt and the harvesting of the animals. But most of all, I love the opportunity to spend time with my family in the woods and share memories that will last a lifetime with them. Upon my diagnosis I knew my days of being in the woods were going to come to and end much sooner than I wanted them to. But I decided that I am going to do everything I can possibly do to prolong the amount of good quality time I have left hunting. The following 4 years after my diagnosis had its ups and downs in the woods. I had to switch from a compound bow to a crossbow. I could still pull the bow back and shoot pretty effectively but occasionally the symptoms would get the best of me and I would not shoot with the precision needed to feel ethical hunting with a compound bow. As a result I switched to the cross bow. I had an incident in Ohio where I was staring at 145+ inch buck, and I couldn’t grab my bow get steady and pull the shot off. I started looking for different bow holders that would make my life a little easier and level the playing field some. That is when I came across your Final Rest System.

      I purchased the Final Rest and used it 2 weeks later to help me kill a beautiful 145” Missouri buck with my rifle, and a couple months later I used it on a Barbary Sheep hunt in New Mexico to help me shoot a beautiful Sheep at over 200 yards. There is no question that using your products helped me tremendously in accomplishing this.

      Not only that, but when I meet you and told part of my story to you at the Great American Outdoor show I was absolutely blown away by your response in giving me multiple setups I can set them up in my stands before the season starts to make my set up time much easier and make my hunt more efficient.

      Thank you for your support and for inventing a product that can help me continue to do the things I love to do.

      Dale Giraudin.

      How To Set Up Final Rest Shooting Rests

      How To Set Up Final Rest Shooting Rests

      Check out our latest "how to" videos for our different shooting rest kits. You can use our shooting rest kits many different ways. These videos show you exactly how to set up the Final Rest systems in different hunting situations.


      This video shows how you can set up the Final Rest Pillar Kit with a ladder stand.



      Looking for a good shooting rest for a box blind? This video shows exactly how to set up the Final Rest in your blind.




      Our fixed blind kits are very simple and affordable options for using a shooting rest in a wooden box blind. This video shows how to set up the Final Rest Fixed kit.




      The Drop Down Adapter is a great accessory to have for the Final Rest Pillar Kit. If you ever get in a scenario where the shelf you are mounting the Pillar to is too high, using the Drop Down Adapter fixes that problem.



      Fourth Arrow Brands Partners with Levi Morgan and Bow Life TV

      Fourth Arrow Brands Partners with Levi Morgan and Bow Life TV

      Fourth Arrow Brands, makers of Fourth Arrow Camera Arms, Wyndscent, and the Final Rest Shooting System is proud to announce their partnership with professional archer, Levi Morgan and Bowlife TV for 2020.
      Levi Morgan is one of the most recognizable faces in the archery industry and his show, Bow Life, is extremely popular with bowhunters and archers across America. Fourth Arrow Camera Arms is proud to be part of his popular show. “Fourth Arrow Camera Arms are extremely versatile,” said Levi Morgan. “Whether I am filming a hunt from a treestand or filming from a blind, the Fourth Arrow Camera arm system is easy to setup, easy to use, and easy to transport.”

      Levi spends most of his fall chasing big game animals across North America and utilizes Wyndscent products on all of his trips. “I use the Wyndscent Grenade when I need to check the wind and the Wyndscent unit when I am decoying big bucks. Wyndscent products are on the cutting edge of scent technology and outperform all the other scent products I have used in the past.”

      When Levi is not out trying to fill his own tags, he is busy introducing his children to the sport of hunting. “When I take my son hunting, we often hunt from a blind.  The Final Rest Shooting System really comes in handy when we are hunting with a crossbow,” said Morgan. “Kids need a stable shooting rest when they are hunting.  It helps them aim properly and keep their confidence up. The Final Rest Shooting system is the ultimate shooting system for kids and adults. It is lightweight, packable, and doesn’t take up much space in a blind.”



      The Best Shooting Rest

      The Best Shooting Rest

      Photos: Become 1


      If you are a gun owner, you have probably encountered a time when you needed a good shooting. rest.  At one point or another, all gun owners need a solid rest to sight in a gun and get it ready for hunting season.  The problem is most gun rests are big, bulky and difficult to transport from one location to another.  When looking for a gun rest, you want one that is lightweight and portable.


      Most hunters want something that is lightweight and portable, so they often settle for sand bags. Sand bags are often placed on the hood of a truck, a picnic table, or even on the ground when they are used to sight in a rifle. The problem with most sand bags is they can move around easily. They are not rock steady.


      Another item that is often used to sight in a rifle is a backpack or a coat. When a shooter is in a jam, there is no question that using a backpack as a shooting rest is better than using nothing, but it won’t keep a gun still when aiming.   As a result, being super accurate can be difficult when using a piece of clothing or a backpack that wasn’t designed as a shooting rest.


      One of the most popular options is using a shooting system that was designed as a shooting rest. Many come with a front and back rest to cradle the gun and they are often attached to a tripod of some type. This type of shooting rest is extremely stable and is one of the best options out there.  One problem with most of the shooting rests on the market is they are bulky and hard to transport.  What the hunting and shooting market has always needed is a stable shooting rest that is lightweight and can easily be transported to the backyard, to a shooting range, or even to the field to hunt.  Until recently, a shooting rest like this was not available.  Now it is! 



      The Final Rest Shooting System was designed to go anywhere. It can be folded up and put in a backpack so hunters can take a tripod and shooting rest with them into the field to hunt. This setup is perfect for hunters who are hunting predators and western hunters who are taking long range shots in the field. It comes with a front and back rest just like the bulkier rest options, only it is lightweight, packable and sleek, perfect for the hunter on the go.


      One of the best things about the Final Rest is that it is extremely versatile. The system can be used in a permanent wooden blind if a wall mount is purchased, which eliminates the need for a tripod in the blind. With the wall mount and a single arm, hunters will have a lightweight shooting system that takes up almost zero room in a blind.