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Final Rest Deluxe Shooting Rest (KIT)


The all new Final Rest Shooting Systems are on the cutting edge of shooting rest technology. Final Rest Shooting Systems take up zero floor space in your blind and they offer a wide range of motion without sacrificing shot stability.



    •    1 Pillar and Mounting Bracket

    •    1 Tripod

    •    1 Down Post Receiver Base

    •    1 Tripod Adaptor (down post receiver)

    •    1 Triple Arm (21 Inches - 42 inch range of motion)

    •    1 Final Rest Platform with adjustable/collapsable yokes


Total kits combined weight: 10.25 lbs


This is the ultimate shooting rest kit that is perfect for basically any blind situation plus allows you to use the shooting rest in the field with the Fourth Arrow tripod. The fixed blind down post receiver base allows you to mount the Final Rest system to a wooden blind. The monopod and blind bracket (pillar kit) allows you to mount the Final Rest system in basically any blind.

The Fixed Blind Shooting Rest offers the stability and range of motion you need in a shooting rest system. Plus, Final Rest shooting systems are very packable and adjustable because of the innovative collapsable yoke design.

Works with most crossbows, rifles, and shotguns.


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